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Best Spyderco Knife

Spyderco is an American based cutlery company who has made quite the splash in the knife world. They have developed a stall wart reputation for producing incredibly high quality knives. These knives are often purpose built and made to be used and abused. They were a pioneer

Best Assisted Opening Knives

Men and women who live an adventurous and dynamic lifestyle often find themselves with their hands full. The same goes for men and women who work with their hands or enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. My favorite example is the Para troopers in World War two. They were

Best Sleeping Bag for Camping and Backpacking

I love sleeping bags. I really love sleeping bags! I spent five years in the United States Marine Corps, and I traveled to a ton of underdeveloped countries, including the surprisingly cold Afghanistan. No matter where I was, whether it was overseas in Afghanistan or training back

Best Survival Knife for Outdoor Enthusiasts

As an outdoor enthusiast survival adventures are just part of our outdoor life. Camping, hunting, hiking, or fishing are activities that take a man or a woman back to their roots. The hardship, the lack of modern technology, and especially when one is forced to become self-reliant

Best Coleman Camping Tents

A good tent can make a huge difference between a nice camping trip and these common camping complaints: I tossed and turned all last night My tent was too small It is too heavy to move around Was a pain to set up I didn’t get any

Top 5 Best Multitools

Stop looking around, because we are here to assist you find the best multitool and guide you through your buying decision process while helping you get the most for your money. Selecting a great multitool that fit your needs can be overwhelming and confusing if you are